its not there, it says failed to load when I click it =(

Aww … yea, my videos are getting deleted, for the 10000 time. Nah, I wont post again, im done for now. -little



Someone repost so I can save it, incase it gets deleted again lol


Someone repost so I can save it, incase it gets deleted again lol

Wack again
<b> Aww, posted like 4 videos, and slowly they getting deleted. Nooo, I wont post again, or post through a 3rd party. Im lazy :</b> -). Oh well, enjoy while u can. -little<p>
Ps: it was reposted. So its out in the world now :-p

So worked up last night! I could hear how wet my little stuffed pussy was. Should try to post up the video?

We miss you and your epic boobies =*(

Lol, they miss u guys! -little

My feet lovers.  Gave myself a mani/pedi :-) -little

My feet lovers. Gave myself a mani/pedi :-) -little

You showed your collar and bracelets a few months ago, but I don't see your collar in the last photos posted. Could you tell me about your experiences with it, how often you wear the collar or the bracelets? And does Daddy use them for restraining you? In short how does the real world differ from what you thought it would be?

Im confused about what u mean at the end? The real world? ….
I wear my collars, (cause I have a few) during sex, or when im doing chores. Im assuming your also talking about the more discreet collar, and matching bracelets. I wear the bracelets all day, everyday, and they never come off. I cant take them off either, a special pin, that only daddy has can take them off. So I live in them, and he does use them as restraints. We just took pics like that below actually. As for the collar, he makes me wear it sometimes when we go out. Especially when im gonna be around other males ive fucked before. Ugh, such a turn on. Wish he would make me wear it moreeee!! :-p. -little

I masturbated to your pictures for almost an hour. Too fucking hot. Would love to cum in your throat

Thank you sir! … ill make sure to keep my mouth open for you. -little

I sat on the bed, while daddy ripped off my panties, and exposed my chest. He started rubbing me, and sucking my fat clit in his mouth. Ugh, daddys mouth was so warm, and wet. I couldn’t help myself anymore, came all over his face, and beard. Guess daddy was excited, caause then he rammed his cock into me, stretching my pussy open. Ughh, came 2 more times. Finally, daddys ready to cum in me, and deep he explodes. Im so dirty now! Clean me up? -little

Thank you for fullfilling my request

:-) -little

Cream filled asshole.

- Daddy

Dressed her. Fucked her. Tied her. Mouth Fucked her. Fucked her. Ass raped her. Today was a good day. Anal cream pie pic coming up by request.

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Making cuddles with my daddy